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Dare to Dream is a non-profit organization that works with middle school and high school Latinas to encourage and support their efforts to graduate from high school, to encourage college enrollment, and to introduce them to college and career role models.

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Message from Dare to Dream President Cynthia Brito

Cynthia Brito Cynthia Brito[/caption]Latinas are a growing and powerful force in our communities, and today we encourage you to Dare to Dream! You are our future leaders. By the year 2050, 1 in every 4 women will be a Latina. Latinas are also the fastest growing group of college attendees, yet we continue to face many barriers. Some of these obstacles include limited access to healthcare, legal status, and economic security.
The key to your success is in higher education. Be proud of who you are. Embrace your identity as a dynamic Latina. You come from a rich history, and your experience as a young Latina is powerful. Your cultural heritage is your asset; use it to help you reach your dream! Be your own advocate. Use your voice. Be active in your community. Build relationships with those that believe in you. Today, you will have the opportunity to meet mentors that will help you reach your dreams. Do not be afraid to speak up. Ask questions, and make your dream a reality. Transform your community.

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